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What’s New?

Here you’ll find an ongoing list of new features added to each version of Pano2VR 6.

Pano2VR 6 Overview

Pano2VR 6.0

6.0 Summary
6.0 announcement
6.0 beta 5 announcement
6.0 beta 4 announcement
6.0 beta 3 announcement
6.0 beta 2 announcement
6.0 beta announcement



  • Google Map API key for custom Google Style map


  • Firefox now pops out and closes videos as expected
  • Safari version 12 was breaking audio playback. Audio now plays back, but unfortunately, the stereo effect is still broken
  • Thumbnail menus produced with older skins may have revealed previews beyond the menu’s borders. To prevent this from occurring, you can now select Masking in the Cloner settings when using an older skin
  • Actions added to cloned elements in the skin will now execute
  • For some users, rotating constellations in the Tour Map caused hotspots to also move. This has been fixed

6.0 beta 5


  • Menus with categories for multi-menu system
  • Font size and weight in the skin editor’s text element
  • Mapbox and OpenStreetMaps custom styles support in the Tour Map

6.0 beta 4


  • 3D Arrow Hotspots added to the components toolbox
  • Added a Quick Share button for quick exporting to social networks
  • Adding the ability to change the color of polygon hotspots in the Viewer
  • Scroll bars in scroll areas can be customized
  • Mapbox users can now add custom maps
  • Drag multiple nodes to Auto Place drop zones to create islands (tour within a tour)
  • Small Skin images are embedded into the skin file
  • Placeholders can now be used as triggers for logic blocks (tooltips can be hidden if no title added)
  • Pick Place ID for quickly adding POI to an image
  • Map Pin with Radar Component — allows you to easily connect tour nodes to pins on a map or floor plan
  • Altitude can be adjusted for automatic hotspots
  • Use the keyboard to nudge skin elements when selecting them from the tree


  • Moved the Viewer Settings from a pane to a bar below the Viewer
  • Updated the built-in skins
  • 3D distorted hotspots working with flat images - fixed
  • Gyro not following North - fixed
  • External loader not working with alpha logic block or alpha action - fixed
  • Map pin and radar do not show in a Pano2VR 6 light floor plan project - fixed
  • Thumbnail menu not displaying properly when using Tags to display different nodes - fixed
  • Interrupting Fly-in breaks the Animation - fist

6.0 beta 3


  • An opening view can now be specified when using Direct Node Access
  • There is now a User Data field for Capture Date and Time which is intended for Google Street View
  • You can now disable Roll in the Gyro
  • Auto Tags can now be used in Skin Editor
  • Custom Node ID is now part of the project user data and can accept placeholders, so you can use the image’s filename or the User Data Title
  • You can now toggle between Auto Rotate and Animation in the skin
  • Pinned elements can now be locked
  • Text entered in the User Data fields no longer requires to be confirmed (with Enter or Tab) before opening the next panorama with keyboard shortcuts
  • Simple Floor Plans can now be aligned in the Map Element and have background transparency
  • New skin action source: Media Ended
  • Skin Editor Preview can now preview as mobile
  • The blurring patches have blur intensity sliders
  • Custom Maps can now be used to geolocate floor plans


  • Starting views created in the Animation Editor are now used instead of using the default view
  • Panels are no longer opening in a different place
  • The Simplex_v6 skin is back
  • If you tried pasting text in a text box with the mouse, it would always go the beginning of the line. It now gets pasted where intended
  • All clustered map pins will be unclustered at the maximum zoom level
  • Clicking the Fit Nodes in Window button in the Tour Map will now fit nodes to the window’s dimensions
  • Double-clicking a Pano2VR project file opened Pano2VR but not the project, this has been fixed
  • Color differences on output have been fixed

6.0 beta 2


  • You can now log in to multiple accounts for Google Street View.
  • You can now line up map pins with a selected node’s radar beam. Press the Alt key while dragging an inactive pin.
  • Pinned sounds now have a setting that will keep them accessible to other nodes. For static sounds, this option is selected. For all other modes, the option is not selected.
  • You can now copy and paste elements in the Viewer. Right-click an active element and choose copy/paste from the context menu.


  • When an auto-rotation uses Animation and is interrupted by the user, it will later continue at that point.
  • If a node has location information and altitude is included, its hotspot and/or ghost hotspots will now be vertically adjusted.
  • All icons in the Skin Editor are now high resolution.
  • For some, zooming in to the Tour Map was limited, making it difficult to accurately moderate pins. You can now zoom in without limitation.
  • The marker template’s action Set Element Position > $(self) is now working with radar elements.
  • Leveling with the pitch and roll buttons works again.
  • The crosshair in a point hotspot’s target panorama window has returned.
  • On Windows, you can now bring the main project window into focus when the Skin Editor is opened.
  • Invert control is now Drag Mode across the UI.
  • A pinned image’s active area has been corrected.
  • An external image will now unload the image when selected if using a set value action to display different images.
  • We added a setting in Pano2VR’s Advanced Tab for the Viewer. Select Use altitude for ghost hs & auto-place hs to use the altitude data from the User Data panel.
  • Node markers that use the actions, activate and deactivate are working with tags again.
  • Depending if you used the mouse or a keyboard key, there was a difference in panning speed. This is no longer the case.
  • The Off-Canvas Elements option will now stay selected after closing Skin Editor.
  • Save window configuration is now working with multiple displays.
  • The Animation Editor’s playhead no longer covers the timeline’s index marks.

6.0 beta 1

Floor Plans

Floor plans can now be added to the Tour Map which can then be geolocated so nodes without GPS that are pinned to the floor plan will get location information.

The floor plans added here, can also be added to the Map element in the Skin Editor.

Custom Map Tiles

Custom Maps can also be added to the Tour Map. So, if you want to use tiles from another provider, you can apply this here. The custom map can also be applied to the skin.

Custom Tiles

Animation Editor

The Animation Editor is now a panel and uses the main Viewer for viewing the animation.

There is also a new track that can be added for controlling skin elements.

Finally, sequences can now be created and outputted.

Skin Editor

The maps element now supports custom maps and floor plans that have been added in the Tour Map.

There is now a way to change skins without having to open the Skin Editor, using Variables and the Edit Skin Configuration button in the HTML5 Output.

Positioning in the Skin Editor has been updated to better reflect how positioning works in HTML5.

360 Video in Viewer

The viewer now supports 360 video, making it easier to work with them in Pano2VR.

More Features

  • Improved gigapixel support with tiled multi-resolution
  • Fast loading for tours with more than 10,000 nodes
  • Custom Fly-in effect
  • Filtered actions
  • Flash and QuickTime outputs no longer supported

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