Tracking Hotspots

Animate Point Hotspots to track objects in a video panorama.

Track Objects in Video Panoramas Using the Animation Editor

  1. Add a video panorama.
  2. Open the Animation Editor.
  3. Add a __VideoPano clip. Long press the Add Clip button and choose, __VideoPano.
  4. Add a Hotspot track. Right-click in the track area. Choose Add Track > New. Then choose Hotpot for Track Type. Click OK.
  5. Add a Point Hotspot. Or select an existing one.
  6. In the Point Hotspot’s Properties, find Position and click the diamond. This adds a Hotspot Track and the initial keyframes to the current clip. This means, to have the hotspot track objects in a video panorama, make sure the __VideoPano clip is the current clip (clip showing in the Editor).
  7. Play the video to the next point where the hotspot should be and add keyframes by clicking the Toggle Keyframes button for “point01” or use the Keyboard Shortcut, Option-Enter on macOS, Alt-Return on Windows.
  8. Play the video and move the hotspot.
  9. Add keyframes.
  10. Repeat: Play video, move hotspot, add keyframes.

The point hotspot will now track the object in the video panorama.

Move Point Hotspots in Panoramas

Point Hotspots can track or move in still panoramas as well. The workflow is the same as above, but the point hotspot track is added to a regular clip instead of a Video Panorama clip.

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