Link to a Website

Point Hotspots can be used to direct a user to an external URL (any file or webpage that exists outside of the project). The most basic of these is to link to a webpage/website.

There are a few ways to create a URL point hotspot.

Drag in the URL

The easiest is to simply drag in the URL to the Viewer.

Pano2VR will recognize the URL and set the hotspot type as URL. It will also import the webpage’s title to the Title field.

The URL will also be set in the target field.

Manually add a URL Type Point Hotspot

  1. Change the Viewer mode to Point Hotspot.

  2. Double-click in the Viewer to add a point hotspot.

  3. In the hotspot properties, choose URL for the Type.

  4. (Optional) Give the link a Title. This will appear as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the hotspot.

  5. Add the URL to the Link Target URL field. ✭ The web link must be absolute; meaning http:// or https:// must be included in the address.

  6. (Optional) In the Target field, use the menu to choose how the page will open. _blank will open the page in a new browser window or tab.

  7. Output and test the project.

A URL hotspot will be given the Skin-ID of ht_url. If you use one of the built-in skins (silhouette or simplex) an icon specifically used for URL hotspots will be applied.

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