Add an Information Pop-up Box

Hotspots can be used to pop up information boxes.

This process will add an Info type hotspot. This means that an information text window pops up with a title and description. An icon for the text box can also be added. The hotspot and the info icon in the skin are connected via a hotspot template and a Skin-ID.

The easiest way to get an info hotspot icon, is to use the installed Components found in the Components Toolbox or simply use one of the built-in skins. They have point hotspot templates with icons and a text box already created.

  1. Open a project or import a panorama.

  2. Select the Point Hotspot Viewer Mode or hit P on the keyboard.

  3. Double-click in the Viewer to add the hotspot.

  4. In the hotspot properties, choose Info for the Type.

  5. Enter a Title and the information text in the Description field. ✭ Basic HTML tags can be used in both the title and description.

  6. Open the Output panel and select or add a Web output.

  7. Add one of the built-in skins.

  8. Output the project.

    You’ll see an image graphic representing the point hotspot and when you click on it, a text box opens with the text added to the description field.

    If you want swap out the hotspot icon, check out how to create custom hotspot images.

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