Leveling Images

Panoramas should always be level. Otherwise, when we spin them, they will be very disorienting. When leveling, make sure the horizon is straight and that vertical lines are reaching straight up and down.

Pano2VR automatically levels panoramas (if needed). However, you might need to refine the leveling, especially if you’re working with one-shot cameras (Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear360, MadV, Insta360 One, etc ).

You can easily level in the Viewer.

  1. Add Grid lines to help line up horizontal and vertical lines. Open the Viewer Settings, select Grid. Define the number of grid steps and change the grid color if needed.

  2. In the Viewer, hold L and drag on the edges of the panorama. One method first line up a straight line (door jam, window) on the left most side of the preview window by dragging (up/down) the panorama on the right most side. Without lifting up the L key, place your mouse on the line you just straightened and then drag on the left until the right side is straightened.

  3. Spin the panorama and repeat if necessary.

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