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Lens Flares

A lens flare is the result of light scattering within the camera's lens. The flare can present itself as haze or as a pattern of artifacts. Here, you can add this artifact to add greater depth and dimension to the image.


Enter the Lens Flare mode via the Viewer Modes or use f on the keyboard.

Double-click in the Viewer to add a Lens Flare to a light source. Once you do this you’ll see the Lens Flare icon and its properties will open. A red icon means the lens flare is active, while a blue icon means it is not active.

Lens Flare Viewer Mode
Lens Flare Viewer Mode

✭ Copy and paste lens flares by right-clicking in the viewer with a lens flare active, and then choose Copy Active Media Element. Right-click anywhere in the panorama and select Paste Media Element to paste. You can also copy and paste lens flares in the List View panel.

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Last modified: Feb 13, 2023