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What’s New?

Here you’ll find an ongoing list of new features added to each version of Pano2VR 5.

Pano2VR 5.2

5.2 Summary Page

5.2.2 announcement

5.2.1 announcement

5.2 announcement

5.2 Beta 4 announcement

5.2 Beta 3 announcement

5.2 Beta 2 announcement

5.2 Beta announcement

Google Street View export

Added a new panel that lets you connect to your Google account and upload tours to Google Street View.

The Google Street View panel also includes the ability to define levels in a multi-story tour.

Blurs and Patches

Quickly blur license plates and faces with the Blur Patch (useful for Google Street View export). You can also use the blurred cover to hide the tripod. You can even extract a patch in the Master Node which will extract the same area in all tour nodes.

Auto Place Hotspots

Auto Place is a new hotspot feature that will automatically place the linked panorama after activating a ghost hotspot. It will also lock the hotspot’s location so that if later the GPS or North is changed, the hotspot will adapt and be in the right place.

Tour Map Refinements

The Tour Map and Tour Browser can now show labels. The tour map labels will correspond to the panoramas in the Tour Browser. By default the feature is turned off. To turn it on, go to the Preferences or Settings: Advanced → Show map labels in tour browser and map.

The links between tour nodes are now visible in the Tour Map. Removing links can also be done in the Tour Map and in the Tour menu using the Remove All Links option.

List View Shows Element Types

The List View panel now has a column showing the element types, making it easier to see for example, if a sound element is either Surround or Static.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

When you reach the last tour node (or any node), hit Z to turn around 180º (and go back). You can use the keyboard shortcut, Command-] to move forward or Command-[ to move back through the nodes.

Use the keyboard shortcuts, Command-click or Control-click a hotspot in the Viewer to open the connected node’s Target Viewing Parameters.

Copy North

In the User Data panel is an option to copy North to all nodes in a tour. This is useful if you have an indoor tour and used a view/direction that was a temporary North.

Set Transitions in the Skin

Transitions can be set from within the Skin. If you need more control you can even control the type of transition, speed and time with expert mode.

Pano2VR 5.1

5.1 Summary Page

15.March.2017 5.1 announcement

08.February.2017 5.1 beta 2 announcement

19.October.2016 5.1 beta announcement

Projections Added

Multiple projections are available in Pano2VR’s Viewer, Animation Editor, and on output (HTML5 - WebGL, Desktop, iPhone, etc.).

  • Rectilinear, Fisheye, Stereographic (Little Planet) projections

  • Pixel accurate (no wavy lines)

  • Supports gigapixel images (multiresolution)

  • Fly-in effect

  • Can be controlled or triggered with skin actions and logic blocks

New Skin Editor Features

The Skin Editor got more toys:

  • Video Element that can playback your self-hosted video or videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Seek Bar that allows for scrubbing through any media element (i.e. background sound, video panorama, etc.).

  • Dynamically change projections with skin actions including the Change Projection action.

Animation Editor and Projections

The animation editor gained a track for Projections. It also now supports 360º video.

  • Dynamic transitioning of projections

  • Clipping warnings

Better Workflow for 360º Video

360º video panoramas no longer need to be reformatted into a 3x2 format.

  • Native equirectangular support (3x2 format no longer needed)

  • Changing of projections

Auto Tagging

Pano2VR Pro only

Each panorama is automatically given a set of tags to help with filtering and to provide some useful information. Tags can be anything from No Title to Has Polygon Hotspots. When you have many nodes in a Pro project, you can use these Auto Tags to filter in the Tour Browser.

Polygon Hotspots

You can now change the fill and border colors of the polygon hotspots and show and hide them using skin actions:

Gear VR Support

You can now output the Horizontal Strip format required for viewing panoramas on Gear VR. Just go to the Transformation output and select, Horizontal Strip (VR).

Exif Data Preserved

Exif data is now preserved when converting images and when outputting via the Transformation output.

Custom Node IDs

You can now use custom IDs for nodes for the Direct Node Access feature in the HTML template.

Rubber Band Effect

You can choose to have a rubber band effect at the images viewing limits.

Pano2VR 5.0

Pano2VR got a facelift!

The interface has been given a major update. We added a large, central preview window that also acts as an editor. Not only that, the interface is also configurable so you see only what you need.


The animation editor lets you get super creative with your panoramas. You can now export the panoramas as movie files that will play on their own in both HTML5 and Flash.

Lens Flares

We now have a variety of lens flares that are working in HTML5 and are much easier to apply.


Now you can have the transitions you’ve always wanted in HTML5. Why let Flash have all the fun?

New Skin Editor Features

The Skin Editor has gotten a lot of new toys!

  • Cloner – A tool to replicate any element.

  • Timer – A container that is used for timing on-screen elements.

  • Components Toolbox – A collection of predefined skin elements.

  • Logic Blocks – A powerful way to give skin elements functionality triggered by events.

  • Variables - Tools that can help simplify automation within a skin.

  • Node Image - A way to quickly add thumbnail images to tour hotspots, galleries, and menus.

  • Map - Adds a map to the skin.

  • Color Tool - A simple tool for quickly changing the color theme of the whole skin.


The filtering in the tour browser in Pano2VR pro has been updated to better help organize large amounts of panoramas:

  • If you are on Mac OS, and use Finder Tags, those tags will be applied to the panoramas.

  • If your project is a large tour and has been GPS tagged, you can now filter via distance.

  • Any text applied to a panorama in User Data can be filtered.


You can now level panoramas! Just hold down L and drag the panorama in the Viewer to level.

Automatic Linking

You’ll find this feature tucked away in the Tour menu in Pano2VR pro. After you’ve added your geo-tagged panoramas, choose Sequential or Closest Nodes to automatically link all nodes.


We’ve added a History panel that shows you every move/edit you’ve made. This makes it much easier to undo something or even to see the details of a process.

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