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Text Properties

When adding text, a text field will appear in the Editor window. You can type your text directly in the canvas or in the Text panel. You can also use basic HTML tags.


Background – Select, Enabled to show the background of the text box.

  • Color – Use the color picker to choose a color for the background.

Border – The border or outline of the text box.

  • Width – Defines how wide the border will be.

  • Radius – Increasing this number will round the corners of the rectangle

  • Color – Choose a color for the border.


Text – Add your text for the text box here. HTML tags can be used.

Insert Placeholder – Click to insert placeholders in the textbox.

Color – Change the color of the text.

Align – Align the text within the box to the left, right, or center.

  • Word Wrap – When selected, will wrap the text to the next line.

  • Auto Size – Select this to automatically size the box around the text.

  • Evaluate – Select this if JavaScript is being used in the text box above. This is useful for calling up any information found within your project.

Padding – Adds space between the text and text border.

  • Top/Bottom - Set the amount of padding in pixels to the top and bottom of the Text Box.

  • Left/Right - Set the amount of padding in pixels to the left and right sides of the Text Box.

  • Link Values - Select to link the padding values.

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