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HTML5 Output

The HTML5 output format allows you to show and embed your panoramas on the web and locally.

Once you’ve imported your image and perhaps added some interactive elements and a skin, you can then open the Output panel to export the project in an HTML5 format.

Simple output to HTML5

This is the most basic output workflow and is fast enough for a simple preview or even as a final output.

  1. Import your image.

  2. Open the Output panel.

  3. Click the Add Output button (green plus) and choose HTML5.
    The HTML5 output settings will open.

  4. Click the Generate Output button.

    Generate Output

By default, the output will be multiresolution and will fill the browser window.

Multiresolution breaks an image down into multiple levels (or layers) so that every zoom level has good resolution on every screen.

You can include a built-in user interface by selecting one from the Skin menu. You can leave it as it or you can click the Edit Skin button to open the Skin Editor.

If you want to post to WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, use the Generate Garden Gnome Package button.

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