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Menu Bar

In the menu bar, you’ll find some more tools and shortcuts.


  • New – Opens a new project window.
  • Open – Open a saved project.
  • Save – Save the project file.
  • Save As – Save the project with a different name.
  • Recent Files – Choose from the most recently opened files.
  • Save as Default – Saves your project preferences as the default.
  • Reset Default – Resets default preferences.
  • Save as Droplet – Will save your project and preferences as a droplet onto your desktop for quick image batch converting.



  • Undo – Undo last action.
  • Redo – Redo last action.
  • Select All – Selects all images in the Tour Browser.


  • Next Pano – Go to the next panorama.
  • Previous Pano – Go to the previous panorama.
  • Add Pano – Adds a panorama to the tour.
  • Edit Master Node – Choose this to edit the master node.
  • Automatic Linking – This will automatically link all panoramas in a tour (or those selected in the Tour Browser) based on the chosen option:

    • Sequential – The panoramas will be linked in their order in the Tour Browser.
    • Closest Node – The panoramas will be linked based on their closest neighbor based on GPS data.
      ★ Note: Images must be geotagged and their direction correctly set for automatic linking to work.



  • Help – Opens the Help pages (documentation).
  • Video Tutorials – Takes you to the video tutorials page.
  • Check for updates – Choose to check for software updates.
  • About – Information about Pano2VR (On a Mac this is found under Pano2VR > About.)

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