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Properties Panel

The Properties panel is where you set the individual settings for the input image and each of the Viewer Modes. The settings in the panel will change depending on which mode you are currently using.

When working in the default mode, Select, the following properties will be available:


Type – You can either let Pano2VR figure out which type of image is being imported by choosing Auto, or you can select an image type from the menu:

File – Either enter the file path to the image to be imported or simply click the button to navigate to and open the image.

Convert Input – Click to open the Convert Output options and change your image to a different projection, like cube faces.


Input Video

Here you can add panoramic videos. Pano2VR currently only accepts videos in a 3x2 format. You can easily convert your videos using the Video Wizard.

File – Click the folder icon to add a panoramic video (in the 3x2 format).

Alternative Videos – Add alternate versions of the video. These could be different resolutions, for instance. The browser will go play back the first video in the list that it can.

End Action – Choose what happens once the video ends:

  • Exit - The video will exit and the input image will be displayed.

  • Loop - The video will continuously play.

  • Stop - The video will stop after it is finished playing.

Background Sound

Here you can add a single background sound. It will play in the background of the project.

The background sound is assigned with the ID of _background which can be used as a target for an action in the Skin Editor.

★ Background sounds do not work on iOS devices (HTML5) without a button to start and stop the sound. You can add a button for this in the Skin Editor.

Filename – Add the audio file here by doing one of the following:

  • Drag the file to Filename.
  • Choose, Open and navigate to your sound file.

✭ Click the play button to preview the audio.

Alternative File – Use this to add an alternative file format of the main file in Filename to ensure playback in all browsers.

This is especially necessary for the HTML5 output since not all browsers support all audio and video codecs. For example, Safari supports MP3. However, as of this writing, Firefox does not but does support OGG. If the first file is not supported by the browser, the Alternative File will be used.

Learn about about creating alternative files.

Level – The output level of the sound. Maximum is 100% or 1.00 while the minimum is 0.

Loop – Choose how many times the sound file will repeat or loop.

★ Tip: If you do not want the sound to begin at start up, choose a loop value of -1. You will then need to add a button in the Skin Editor to activate it. For an endless loop, use 0.

External – These options are for preventing the files from being embedded within the output file.

  • Externalize - Select to keep the file from being embedded in the SWF in Flash output.

  • Copy file - Keep selected to copy the file over to the output folder. (This will become selectable once Externalize is selected.)


In order to get a good output from Pano2VR, the horizon needs to be known and the panorama needs to be level. Here, you can see at what angle the Pitch and Roll are currently.

This is a tool that is especially helpful for panoramas coming from the Ricoh Theta.

To level your panorama:

  1. Hold down L. You’ll see a grid appear in the viewer.
    ✭ Tip: Add more grid lines in the Viewer Settings panel.

  2. Drag the panorama and line up the panorama to the grid.

For example, first line up a straight line (door jam, window) on the left most side of the preview window by dragging the panorama on the right most side. Without lifting up the L key, place your mouse on the line you just straightened and then drag on the left.

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