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Using CMS Plugins

The Garden Gnome Package (GGPKG) is a package format for content management systems that lets you easily embed your projects into your website.

To output a Garden Gnome Package, click the Generate GGPKG button in the Output panel.

The package format is also available as an HTML template in the HTML5 output. You would use this, for instance, if you wanted to make a droplet for a GGPKG output.

In order to use the package format, you must first download and install the plug-in for your CMS.

Create a GGPKG

  1. Add an HTML5 output setting.
  2. Click the Generate GGPKG button to output the project.
    Generate GGPKG
  3. Add this GGPKG to a CMS website:

✭ The package can be viewed locally with the Garden Gnome Package Viewer.

Manually Create a GGPKG

Pano2VR will only include files it knows about in a package. Sometimes, there are projects that call external files, like a gallery component. The images for that gallery will not be included in the package format because they live outside of Pano2VR. If you want to use the Package Format either for uploading to a CMS or for local playback using the Package Viewer, you will have to add these files manually to the package:

GGPKG Attributes

The package is customizable and has the following attributes:

Attribute Joomla WordPress
id or file
Identifies package (required)
ggpkg file="test.ggpkg" ggpkg id=75
Remote URL of Pano2VR or Object2VR HTML5 output (optional - instead of id or file)
ggpkg url="" ggpkg url=''
Width of the player (optional)
width="320" width='320'
Height of player (optional)
height="240" height='320'
If player starts as preview image (optional)
start_preview="true" start_preview='true'
Display user data instead of pano (optional)
userdata_only="true" userdata_only='true'
Display map instead of pano (optional)
map_only="true" map_only='true'
If user data should be displayed below panorama (optional)
display_userdata="true" display_userdata='true'
If map should be displayed below pano (optional)
display_map="true" display_map='true'
To use the gyro on handheld devices (optional)
gyro="true" gyro='true'
To use true north when using the gyro (optional)
gyro_north="true" gyro_north='true'


Having troubles? Please take a look at the following requirements. If these don’t fix your issue, feel free to contact us.

  • Do not use numbers (0-9) in the beginning of the GGPKG’s file name.

  • Make sure the ZIP extension for PHP is installed on your server. In most cases, if it is not installed you will get an error message stating it is missing. You will then need to contact your host provider and ask them to install it for you.

  • Do not use special characters (á, $, ^, etc.) in the package file name.

  • Do not use spaces in the package file name.

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