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Pano2VR Basic Workflow

Here’s a simple workflow for outputting a single HMTL5 panorama. We’ll set the opening view (default view) and add a hotspot that links to a website.

  1. Open Pano2VR.

  2. Drag your panorama image on to the Viewer or navigate to the image by clicking the Input button in the Toolbar.

  3. Open the Viewing Parameters panel to set the default view.

  4. Rotate the panorama to its opening location. Then click Set in the top portion of the settings.

  5. Turn on the Point Hotspot Mode by hovering your mouse over the graphic in the upper left corner of the Viewer and choose the Point Hotspot Mode.

    ★ Tip: Change modes using their keyboard shortcuts. P is the shortcut for Point Hotspot mode.

  6. Double-click in the panorama to add the point hotspot.

  7. Open the Properties panel (if it’s not already open).

  8. Choose, URL for the Type.

  9. Add a web link to the Link Target URL.

    ★ Note: The URL must be the full address (absolute), i.e.

  10. Open the Output panel.

  11. Click the green plus sign to select an output format and choose HTML5.

  12. Choose a skin from the Skin menu. For instance, the simplex skin.

  13. Output the project by clicking on the gear wheel. The panorama will open with the Integrated Web Server.

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