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Integrated Web Server

Pano2VR includes a local web server built in to the software. It simulates an active web server so you can view your project locally (both Flash and HTML5 restrict local viewing for security reasons). You can also simulate slower connections to see how a project might download and play back.

Integrated Web Server

Web Server Settings

The settings for the web server can be found under Settings for Windows and Linux and Preferences for Mac OS.

Go to the Web Server tab:

Open HTML Output – Select this option to enable the integrated web server for testing outputs.

Network access – Keep this selected to ensure that the web server is using the current local host. Deselect this option to allow access to other devices on the network.

Port – Choose your desired port or leave it at auto. The server will use a new port number every time it is restarted or the program is opened. A fixed port number can also be used making it possible to bookmark the page. We suggest using ports 8000 or 8080. For more information on port numbers please see, List of TCP and UDP port numbers.

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