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Tour Map

Use the Tour Map to set each panorama to North and to add GPS coordinates.

Tour Map

There are two modes for the Map:

Set Position – This is the default mode. Setting a position will enter GPS coordinates in the Latitude and Longitude fields in User Data.

Pick Landmark – Use this mode to set North by matching landmarks (in the image and on the map).

Add Coordinates

If your images do not include Longitude and Latitude coordinates in their Exif data, then you can add them here.

  1. Open the Tour Map.

  2. Search in the map or use the search field. Right-click in the map to set the position.
    When using the search field, a green flag will appear for the searched location. Click the flag to use this location.

To reposition, drag the pin.

To reset the position, right-click in the map again or do a new search.

Once the location is set, you’ll see the coordinates added to the Longitude and Latitude fields in the User Data.

Node Information

Nodes with coordinates will appear on the map with markers. Click the markers in the Map to pop up an information box that shows a thumbnail image of the node, its Title, and a few buttons.

Node Information Pop Up

The green arrow will jump to that node in the Viewer. The Link button will link the current node to this node. The Unlink button will unlink the current node from the selected node and the red “x” will remove the node’s location data.

Set North

  1. Set the position of the image.

  2. Rotate the image to a specific landmark, centering it in the viewer.

    ★ Tip: Open the Viewer Settings and turn the Center Marker on to line up the Landmark.

  3. Select, Pick landmark.

    ✭ Tip: In the the map, switch to satellite view.

  4. Right-click on the landmark you have centered in the viewer in step 2. North will automatically be set.

    ✭ Note: If you zoom in far enough, the map will change to a 3D view and the perspective will no longer be flat. If this happens, be sure to click the Flatten Map button.

    Flatten Map

Now that the XMP data (GPS data) has been added, the data will will also be exported with the image.

✭ North can also be set by holding down the N key and dragging the panorama to the correct heading.

Remove Location

Sometimes you might find you want to remove the location information entirely. This is useful for when you have a map in the skin, and you don’t want specific images to appear in the map.

  1. Select the node in the Map.
  2. In the pop-up, click the red X to remove the GPS coordinates.


Click the Automatic Linking button in the Tour Map to automatically link panoramas together, creating a tour. Use one of the following options:

★ Images must be geotagged and their directions correctly set for automatic linking to work.

  • Sequential - The panoramas will be linked in their order in the Tour Browser.

  • Closest Node - The panoramas will be linked based on their closest neighbor based on GPS data.
    Suggested mode for uploading to Google Street View.

  • Complete - This links each panorama to every other panorama in the tour.

  • Remove All Links - Click to remove all point hotspot types that are a Tour Node. If multiple nodes are selected, the links between them will be removed. This is especially useful for trying out different Automatic Linking methods.

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