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Map Element

Maps can be easily added to your skin by selecting this tool and clicking in the Canvas to add the map. Use a button to show and hide it.


Map Images Provider – Choose the images provider for the map tiles.

  • Google Maps
  • OpenStreetMap
  • MapQuest
  • ArcGIS

Google API Key – Enter your Google API key to authenticate Google Maps. In order for the Map to work, you must get an API key from Google. All the maps we provide will require a key; not just for Google Maps. Read more about the API key and authentication.

Initial Type – Choose which type of map should be initially used (the user can change this once open). The initial type can only be changed if Google Maps is selected as Map Images Provider.

  • Roadmap
  • Hybrid (cross between Roadmap and Satellite)
  • Satellite
  • Terrain

Map Controls – Select to show the map controls (zoom in/out).

Radar – Select Enabled to include a radar beam that shows the facing direction.

  • Color – Select the color of the radar beam.

Clone as Marker – Use this to select a custom image for a map marker. Learn how.

LoadingUnload map on hide - Select to unload the map when it gets hidden through a skin action. This means that when selected, when the map is hidden and is shown again, the map resets and is centered around the tour pins. If this is not selected, the map will stay in the same position as it was when it was hidden.

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