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Scroll Area Element

A scroll area is a container that will add scroll bars around an element or group of elements, if necessary. It can also be used to clip content.


Background – Select Enabled to show the background of the scroll area.

  • Color - Use the color picker to choose a color for the background.

Border – The border or outline of the scroll area.

  • Width - Defines how wide the border will be.

  • Color - Choose a color for the border.

Scroll Area

Inner Size – Define the area’s inner size which holds the child elements. If this inner size is smaller than the container, you’ll see the inner size defined by a dotted line.

  • Auto - Select to have the inner size automatically sized to the extent of the child elements.

  • Alignment - If the inner size is smaller than the container, use this setting to specify the placement of the content (elements).

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