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Output Panel

The Output panel is where you not only add output formats but also where you export your panoramas.

Output Panel

To add an output format, click the green plus sign. You can choose from the following formats:

Once you choose an output format, the rest of the panel will be populated with the following options. Not all output formats will have the same options.

Output panel with output format

Delete – This is the red X next to the green plus sign. Click to delete the current output or a template.

To delete a template, hover your mouse over Delete Template. Choose from the list of templates to delete one.

Save as Template – Save the current output (and its settings) as a template that can be used again or Replace a template.

To save the current output as a template, choose, Save as New Template. In the window that pops up, give the template a name. To specify or see where the output templates are located, go to the Files tab in the Pano2VR settings/preferences. Right-click the text field to view their location. Click, Choose to change the location.

Output Folder – All files associated with this output will be added to this folder unless otherwise specified. Its default location is in a folder named output. It is located in the same folder as the source image.

You can change the output folder’s location by clicking the folder icon and navigating to the new location.

You can also choose the output folder by right-clicking on the folder name and choose, Edit. In the window that pops up, enter the new folder name.

Each output will create a unique folder name to avoid overwriting previous outputs.

Skin – ★ HTML5 and Flash outputs only

Here you can choose either one of the pre-installed skins or choose one that you have created.

If your skins are not saved in the default folder for the skins, you can open a skin using the Open Skin button.

The file extension used for the skins is .ggsk (stands for Garden Gnome Skin).

★ Tip: The skins, simplex and silhouette, use scalable vector graphics.

Edit Skin – Click this button to open the Skin Editor and edit the chosen skin.

Generate Output – This button will generate the output.

Open Output – Click this button to view the output (output must be created first).

Generate Garden Gnome Package - Clicking this button will output the Garden Gnome Package format that is used for embedding panoramas in a CMS website.

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