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Viewer Settings

The Viewer Settings show viewing options for the Viewer.

Viewer Settings Panel

In the Viewer Settings you will see the following:

Compass – Select to show the compass overlay in the Viewer.

Center marker – Shows vertical and horizontal lines that help you to straighten panoramas and line up landmarks for setting north.

Grid – Adds a grid to the viewer which is especially useful for leveling panoramas. Set how many lines are in the grid with Grid steps. Change the color of the grid with the color picker.

Grid with 20 steps and Yello

Hide ghost hotspots – Select to hide the ghost hotspots which show where other hotspots are located or where they could be located.

Ignore limits – If you have made viewing limits in Viewing Parameters, select this option to ignore them in the viewer. They will then only be applied on output.

Drag mode – This changes how you spin the panorama in the Viewer. When it is selected, the panorama “sticks” to the mouse. Deselect to have the panorama spin with inertia for as long as the mouse is pressed.

Open nodes in default view Pano2VR Pro – Select this to have the nodes open with their default views in the Viewer.

Projection – Select the type of projection for the Viewer.

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