Pano2VR 6.13 - Minor Update

Pano2VR 6.1.3 Released

Hello! We are working from our home offices amid the Covid-19 pandemic and are happy to announce our release of Pano2VR 6.1.3. We’ve added a few features and made a lot of fixes.

More Placeholders

We’ve added new User Data placeholders, which can be placed in skin elements like the Text Field.

  • $(alt) for Altitude
  • $(hdg) for Heading (North)

We also added a placeholder for Google Street View panoramas:

  • $(svl) for Street View link. This is the URL Pano2VR receives from Google Street View once the panorama is uploaded and accepted. You can then, for example, use this URL in a skin element to open the panorama in Street View.

These new placeholders can also be used as triggers in logic blocks.

Learn more about Placeholders.

Auto Tags for Street View Submissions

All panoramas that have been uploaded to Google Street View and accepted will automatically have new Auto Tags assigned to them. This way, you can not only visually see accepted or rejected panoramas, but you can also filter them in the Tour Browser. The new tags are:

  • Street View Uploaded
  • Street View Link

Street View Uploaded indicates that the panorama has been uploaded and has a PhotoID.

Street View Link indicates that the panorama also has a share link, which means it has been accepted.

The Super Cookie

There is now a new Super Cookie feature that can store several skin variables in one browser cookie. The Super Cookie eliminates the limit of 50 cookies per domain. Such a feature is required when complex skins need to store information throughout the experience. 

To use this feature, you can add the following to a text field in the Skin Editor.

player.setSuperCookie("mySuperCookie", { cookieExpireDays:100 });
player.setVariableOptions("var1", {keep: true });
player.setVariableOptions("var2", {keep: true });

The player function is setSuperCookie(cookieName:string, options:object)
With the options object, you can set cookiePath and cookieExpireDays.
Once the Super Cookie is set, any variable that is set to keep with the setVariableOptions function, will not be stored in a separate cookie. Instead, they will be collected and stored in the single Super Cookie.

Use the Shift Key

Hold down the Shift Key in the Viewer to lock dragging horizontally or vertically.


  • Low-resolution floor plans used within the Map Element in Simple Floor Plan mode will no longer show as a broken image
  • A floor plan added to the Tour Map before adding nodes will no longer disappear
  • Distance placeholders are now working in logic blocks


To update, go to Help in the menu bar and choose Check for Updates. Or download directly from our website.

Did you know…

…that you can use Polygon Hotspots with Point Hotspot components?

Hopki has written a few tutorials on how to connect Polygon Hotspots to skin components so you can use them to pop-up images and videos. Each tutorial also comes with project files so you can test it out.