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Seekbar Element

Seekbars can be used to seek or move backwards and forwards in time for background sounds, all pinned sounds and videos of the project, as well as skin sounds and skin videos, and even 360° video panoramas (except embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos).


Background – Select Enabled to show the background of the seekbar.

  • Color - Use the color picker to choose a color for the background.

Border – The border or outline of the seekbar.

  • Width - Defines how wide the border will be.

  • Color - Choose a color for the border.


Playback Progress – Set the color of the playback progress bar.

Download Progress – Set the color of the download progress bar.

Playhead – Select Enabled to show the playhead and use the color picker to change it’s color.

Media Element – Here, you can choose what the Seekbar will control. _videopanorama will add the seekbar to the video panorama, while _background will add the seekbar to any background sounds. Any other elements added via the Viewer and Skin Editor will also appear in the list.

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