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Add a Polygon Hotspot

Polygon hotspots require you to draw a shape as opposed to creating a single point of interactivity.

To add a polygon hotspot do the following:

  1. In the Viewer, open the Viewer Modes and select the Polygon Hotspot tool.

    Polygon Hotspot Mode

  2. Draw the hotspot by first double-clicking in the image. Then move to the next point, click, and continue until the shape is finished. Double-click to finish the shape. It will have a red fill:

    Drawn Polygon Hotspots

    ★ You can also finish the polygon hotpot by pressing the right button or by hitting the ESC key.

To delete a polygon hotspot, do any of the following:

  • Select the hotspot (it will then be red) and hit the delete key. Poof!

  • In List View, select the hotspot and either hit the delete key or click the “x” to the right.

    ★ Tip: Use the History Panel to go back and undo a deleted hotspot.

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