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This is the default HTML template. It is found in the HTML panel of the HTML5 output. Click the Edit Template button to open its settings.

HTML Page Title – Adds a title for the HTML page. Enter the title here, or use placeholders to grab User Data from the master node.

  • $(upt) - Title
  • $(ufd) - Description
  • $(ufa) - Author
  • $(ufe) - Date/Time
  • $(ufc) - Copyright
  • $(ufs) - Source
  • $(ufi) - Information
  • $(ufo) - Comment
  • $(ufn) - Custom node ID

Direct node access – Select to directly access any node within a tour by adding the node’s ID in the URL. For example: ../index.html#node5 or ../index.html#kitchen.

Include external CSS file – If using an external CSS file, you can add the file here.

Disable default CSS font – Select to disable the CSS default font in the HTML file.

Embedded XML – Embeds the XML file in the HTML template. Good for when the external XML file cannot be read.

Create files for external embedding - Select to have Pano2VR include files (JSON, preview image) for external embedding, allowing you to host the panorama and embed the panorama on different servers.

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