Patching – Pano2VR 7

Patching Patching allows you to non-destructively extract a non-distorted portion of the input image without having to remap or convert the whole image. Add patches to hide faces, to add nadir caps, hide drones, and even adding roll-over effects. Workflow After loading a panorama into Pano2VR or opening an existing project open Patch mode from […]

Pano2VR Tutorials – Pano2VR 7

Pano2VR Tutorials Below is a list of numerous video tutorials intended to help you get the most out of Pano2VR. This is a growing list of video tutorials for Pano2VR version 7. Not that many tutorials from version 6 are still relevant in version 7 if you’re looking for something specific. The Basics Title Description […]

List of Placeholders – Pano2VR 7

List of Placeholders A placeholder is like a shortcut for using data or text from other sections of the software. A placeholder is like a shortcut for using data or text from other sections of the software. For example, a text box in the skin may contain $(p) which will display the percentage of how […]

Create a Popup Image with Expanding Text – Pano2VR 7

Create a Popup Image with Expanding Text Learn how to create a custom image popup with a text box that expands to fit the amount of text. This popup image with text will be applied to a point hotspot. It’s comprised of a background, an external image loader, a text box, and a screentint. This […]

Auto Tags – Pano2VR 7

“Auto Tags” Auto Tags are tags added by Pano2VR that describe the image. These tags cannot be removed or altered, but you can use them as filters. The list of Auto Tags is found in User Data. Auto Tags in User Data See also Project Setup User Data

Panorama Properties – Pano2VR 7

Panorama Properties The Panorama Properties provides the current node's file location, is where a panorama can be converted and leveled, and where background sound is added. Panorama Properties Input Input Image Type – You can either let Pano2VR figure out which type of image is being imported by choosing Auto, or you can select an […]

Patch – Pano2VR 7

“Patch” Patch is a term used to describe a portion of an image that has been extracted and possibly edited and then reapplied to the original image. A patch can be used to cover unwanted areas (usually the nadir or down shot) with a photo or even to add text or graphics to the image. […]

Project Properties – Pano2VR 7

Project Properties The Project Properties contain settings for the entire project. Here, you can add project user data and translation files. Project Properties Project User Data Project User Data is used for adding project-specific metadata. Each field has a corresponding placeholder that can be used in textboxes and as triggers in logic blocks. Title – […]

Pinning Web Elements – Pano2VR 7

Pinning Web Elements Learn how to pin a web element, in this example, a wikipedia page, to a tour node. The web element is great for adding webpages to a tour node and having them properly distorted within the image. On output, the webpage is fully interactive. Select the node that should have the web […]

User Data – Pano2VR 7

User Data Use the User Data panel to add information about an node or image. User Data Properties User Data The following text fields are what comprise of User Data. Copy the data to all other nodes by clicking the copy to all nodes button. If more editing space is required, click the pencil button. […]

Add PDF Pop-up – Pano2VR 7

Add PDF Pop-up Use a Point Hotspot to open a PDF file inside the project. Create a PDF Point Hotspot The fastest method of adding a PDF hotspot is to drag it in to the Viewer. The other way is to add a Point Hotspot to the Viewer. Drag in the PDF to Add Choose […]

Getting Started with Pano2VR – Pano2VR 7

Getting Started with Pano2VR Get the most out of Pano2VR by going over the documents in this section which introduce you to Pano2VR's workflow. In this chapter, you’ll find articles on installing Pano2VR and all about Pano2VR’s interface. Installing Pano2VR Pano2VR’s Interface You’ll also find information on Pano2VR workflows. Whether you are building an interactive […]

Pano2VR Documentation – Pano2VR 7

Pano2VR Documentation Welcome to the documentation pages for Pano2VR 7! Pano2VR is used to create everything from real estate tours to panoramic narrative stories to instructional guides. Learning Pano2VR To get the most out of Pano2VR, start with the Getting Started section. To learn how to get around Pano2VR, check out the pages about Pano2VR’s […]

What's New? – Pano2VR 7

What's New? Here you'll find an ongoing list of new features, fixes, and changes added to each release of Pano2VR 7. Pano2VR 7.0 7.0 announcement 7.0 beta 6 announcement 7.0 beta 5 announcement 7.0 beta 4 announcement 7.0 beta 3 announcement 7.0 beta 2 announcement 7.0 beta 1 announcement General and Interface Gnome Cloud Support […]

Create a Multilingual Project – Pano2VR 7

Create a Multilingual Project Pano2VR supports the use of translation files to easily build projects in multiple languages. Pano2VR supports not only a translated project but a translated skin as well. This means you’ll find two options to translate; one in the project settings and one in the Skin Editor. Once a project and/or skin […]

Cloner Element – Pano2VR 7

Cloner Element The cloner is a useful tool that creates lists for building menus. The cloner is used to create thumbnails of nodes within a tour, creating a thumbnail menu. The cloner is also used to create a multi-level menu, a multilingual menu, a menu of all hotspots, or a menu of all floor plans. […]

Adding Google Fonts – Pano2VR 7

Adding Google Fonts Learn how to add Google Fonts to your project. In the Skin Editor: Open the skin properties. (You may need to click in the Canvas to see the properties.) Find the External Files pane. Double-click in the table to add the file. Choose CSS. Add the URL of the font in the […]

Tracking Hotspots – Pano2VR 7

Tracking Hotspots Animate Point Hotspots to track objects in a video panorama. Track Objects in Video Panoramas Using the Animation Editor Add a video panorama. Add a Point Hotspot that will track an object in the video. Open the Animation Editor. Add a Video Panorama Clip. Long press the Add Clip button and choose, Video […]