Point Hotspot Properties – Pano2VR 7 beta

Point Hotspot Properties This page describes all the settings of the point hotspot found in the Properties panel. The hotspot properties are found in the Properties Panel and will appear once a hotspot is added or selected. ID The ID of the Hotspot which can be used in the Skin Editor. Type Choose what the […]

Editing Keyframes – Pano2VR 7 beta

Editing Keyframes Keyframes are used to control or animate the difference between two values on a timeline. In the Animation Editor, you can add keyframe values to Pan, Tilt, Field of View, Projections and Variables. There are 2 ways of creating keyframes to choose from: Keyframes and Magic Keyframes. Move, Select, Copy, Stretch and Delete […]

Web Output Settings – Pano2VR 7 beta

Web Output Settings The web output will export a project that allows for playback in any modern browser. Below are all the settings for the web output. Output Type – Shows the current output. If more outputs have been created, they will be listed here. Add a New Output – Click this button to add […]

Adding Transitions – Pano2VR 7 beta

Adding Transitions Use common transitions like cross dissolve and dip to color to transition between panoramas in a tour. Add a Simple Transition Add panoramas to the project. Choose your output format: Web or Animation. Find the Transitions panel in the Properties panel. Select, Panoramas to enable the transitions. Choose Cross Dissolve for the transition […]

Animation – Pano2VR 7 beta

Category: “Workflow” Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Drag and Drop Tricks Learn all time-saving tricks in Pano2VR by dragging and dropping. Read more… Pano2VR […]

Hotspot Proxy ID – Pano2VR 7 beta

“Hotspot Proxy ID” A hotspot proxy is used to make a link between hotspots and skin elements and their actions. Mouse events on the hotspot, like mouse hover or mouse click, will be relayed to the skin element. It is found in the Skin Editor in an element’s properties. See also… Adding Point Hotspots Skin […]

Glossary – Pano2VR 7 beta

Glossary A list of terms used throughout Pano2VR. Action Asset Component Container Cross Droplet Element FFmpeg Animating a Single Panorama Animating a Tour Generating Alternative Files Field of View Flat Image Ghost Hotpspots Hotspot Adding Point Hotspots Hotspot Proxy ID Hotspot Template Keyframe Loading Bar Master Node Node Node Markers Pan Patch Placeholder Pointing Remap […]

What's New? – Pano2VR 7 beta

What's New? Here you'll find an ongoing list of new features, fixes, and changes added to each release of Pano2VR 7. This is a current list of new features, fixes from version 6, and known issues (7 beta). Check back for updates. ★ Indicates a major new feature or major change. Interface New Properties panels. […]

Working with 360º Video – Pano2VR 7 beta

Working with 360º Video Pano2VR has supported 360º video since 2007 but since then it's gotten much easier to work with. Sometimes your clients ask for a bit more than just a few still panorama images. You can integrate the videos in a tour or create a full 360º video tour. Create an Interactive 360º […]

Create a 360º Video Tour – Pano2VR 7 beta

Create a 360º Video Tour 360 video tours can be created by adding videos to the Tour Browser and linking them together with point hotspots or polygon hotspots. In this example, we are using Pano2VR Pro to create a basic 2-node tour using point hotspots. (Polygon hotspots could also be used.) Add a 360º video […]

Building a Tour with a Ricoh Theta – Pano2VR 7 beta

Building a Tour with a Ricoh Theta Learn how to use a number of features that make building a virtual tour with the Ricoh Theta 360 quite straight forward. Adjusting the Zoom Level (FoV) @ 1:57 Manual leveling @ 2:53 Automatic linking @ 4:26 Adjusting hotspot locations @ 6:05 See also Building a Panoramic Tour […]

Maps Properties – Pano2VR 7 beta

Maps Properties Each map has different settings. Learn about them below. Once a map is added in the Tour Map, the Properties tab will populate with map settings. Each map has its own set of settings and options. Map ID – Pano2VR will assign each map a unique ID. This will also appear in the […]

Edit the Master Node – Pano2VR 7 beta

Edit the Master Node The master node allows you to add the same information to all nodes. Go to Tour in the Menu Bar and choose Edit Master Node. You will then see the placeholder panorama in the Viewer. Add User Data User Data can be added that will be shared across all nodes. Open […]

Using Custom Map Tiles – Pano2VR 7 beta

Using Custom Map Tiles Custom map tiles can be added in the Tour Map. These maps can then be used in the skin using the Map Element. Currently, you can add the following custom maps: OpenStreetMap Mapbox Google Custom Styles Add a Map In the Tour Map panel, click the Add Map button, then choose […]

Setting Up a Google Maps API Key – Pano2VR 7 beta

Setting Up a Google Maps API Key In order to use Google Maps in the Tour Map, or to add Place IDs for Street View, or to add a Google Map in the skin, you will need a Google Maps API key. Google requires this key for anyone wishing to use/embed their Maps JavaScript API […]

Floor Plan Properties – Pano2VR 7 beta

Floor Plan Properties The properties for a floor plan added to the Tour Map. When a floor plan has been added to the Tour Map the following properties will be available: Map ID – The map’s ID or name. This will also appear in the Map properties of the Map element in the Skin Editor. […]

Add a Tour Map – Pano2VR 7 beta

Add a Tour Map Learn how to add a map to a tour. A map for a tour can be sourced as an image or as map tiles, like Google Maps or Mapbox. The default map in the Tour Map is World Map which is used internally. To display Google Maps on a website, it’s […]

Add a Floor Plan – Pano2VR 7 beta

Add a Floor Plan Learn how to add a floor plan to a tour. Floor Plans can be added to a Map Element in the skin or they can be added directly to the skin. An advantage to adding them directly to the skin is that radar beams won’t be cut off at the edges […]

Maps – Pano2VR 7 beta

Maps Learn how to add maps and floor plans to tours. Interactive maps and floor plans are useful additions to tours. Pano2VR provides the ability to use custom map tiles (like Mapbox and OpenStreetMaps), Google Maps, Floor Plans, and images as maps. Maps are initially added in the Tour Map and then placed in the […]

Adding Levels – Pano2VR 7 beta

Adding Levels If a tour includes multiple levels of a building, you can publish all levels to Google Street View and Google will link them with an elevator control. See also Filtering Levels Google Street View Basic Workflow Google Street View Panel Tour Building