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Google Street View

The Google Street View panel provides a way to easily upload a tour or single panoramas to Google Street View.

Google Street View Panel

In the Google Street View Panel, you can connect to your Google account, browse your tours, upload tours and add places to panoramas.

Account – Click the green grant access button to connect your Google account. Use the red revoke access button to log out of your account.

Street View Browser – View and access your uploaded images.

Project – Upload the project (tour) or remove it from Google Street View.

Online Status – Shows the current panorama’s online status; whether it’s been uploaded to Google Street View or not. Hover over the symbol to get information. You can also upload the current panorama.

Place – Adds a place to the current panorama.


  1. Add an image or if using Pro, multiple images to your project.

  2. Level the images, if needed.
    ✭ If the image has leveling data, Pano2VR will use this to level the image.

  3. Check location accuracy.
    Sometimes, the recorded GPS might be a little off. You can use the Tour Map to fix locations by just dragging the pin in the map.

  4. Check that North is set.
    In User Data, if North is set to 0º, most likely North has not been set. Setting North can be done a few ways:

    • Hold down the N key while spinning the panorama in the Viewer. You can use the Tour Map to help with the orientation.

    • Use the Pick Landmark method.

  5. Add Patches.

    • Fix the Nadir.

    • Add a Blurring patch to blur out faces and license plates.

    • Add a Blur Cover patch for quick hiding of the tripod.

    • To add the same patch across all tour nodes, add a patch in the Master Node.

  6. Connect the panoramas.
    Just like setting North, you have a few ways to choose from to connect the nodes:

    • Use Auto Place by dragging a panorama from the Tour Browser to the top right corner of the Viewer. Drop on either Auto Place or Auto Place Both Ways which connects the images to one another.

    • Use the Tour Map. In the Tour Browser, select the node you want to link from. Then in the Tour Map, click the marker that represents the panorama you want to link to, a small info window will pop up - click the link button there. You’ll then see arrows showing the connection.

    • Use the Automatic Linking option, Closest Node, to quickly connect all the nodes.

    When you’re done connecting all the nodes, you can hold down the Alt/Option key and click the hotspots to move through the tour.

  7. Open the Google Street View panel.

  8. Connect your Google account using the Grant Access button.

  9. Add a Place to the nodes.

    • Click the Add Place button and then choose or type the place.
  10. Upload the project using the Upload Project button.

Once the project is uploaded, you’ll see the images, but it will take a while for the connections to be made. In the meantime, you can check your images using the Street View Browser.

Street View Browser

The Street View Browser gives you access to your uploaded images. You can also see views, when the images were uploaded and if a project has connections or not.

In the Tour Node column, there will be symbols indicating the images status on Google. A green plug indicates all images are saved locally and match the ones online. A symbol with a warning sign indicates how many images do not have connections.

Refresh – Refreshes the browser.

Download – Choose to download an image or the entire project. In the browser, select an entire project, or click the disclosure triangle to open the project and select one or more images.

Delete – Deletes an image or project from your Google account.

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