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Animation Properties

The animation properties will appear in the Properties Panel once a clip has been added to the Animation Editor.


The upper portion of the animation properties is dedicated to sequences.

Sequence Selector – This menu holds all the sequences created for the project. A default sequence is automatically created when the first clip has been created in the Editor. The default sequence cannot be deleted, nor can its title be changed.

Add New Sequence – Click the green plus to add a new sequence.

Remove Sequence – Click the red cross to delete the selected sequence. ✭ The default sequence cannot be removed.

Title – Give the sequence a title. ✭ The default sequence’s title cannot be edited.

Clips – This is where the sequence is built. Newly created clips will show up here.
Double-click to add a clip to the selected sequence. In the dialog that pops up, choose the node (if multiple) and the clip.
Once clips have been added, they can be reordered using the handles. The sequence will be outputted in the order listed here.

Current Clip

This section reflects the currently loaded clip in the animation editor.

Title – The clip’s title.

Duration – The clip’s duration in minutes and seconds.

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