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The cardboard template is for any Google Cardboard-like viewers, VR glasses or smartphone headsets. It is found in the HTML5 Output Settings.

Direct node access – Select to directly access any node within a tour by adding the node’s ID in the URL. For example: ../index.html/#node5.

Gyro use true north – Select to use true north and the panorama will always stay true to the direction (like a compass). If not selected it just uses the gyroscope and the panorama will move with the device.

Nodes are stereo pairs – Select this if your nodes are stereographic.

Stare target radius – Set the radius in degrees for the stare target.

Stare timeout – Set how long it should take before the target (hotspot) is activated.

Embedded XML – Embeds the XML file in the HTML template. Good for when things can read the external file.

iOS Device Webpage Icon – Add an image file for the bookmark icon. Click, Open…, to choose the file.

Reference for icon sizes.

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