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Pano2VR Examples


Layer Marney Tower

Pano2VR 5 tour example that showcases a thumbnail navigation, information pop-ups, hotspots with thumbnail previews and visited node graphic.

Pinned and Aligned Video

This panorama shows moving video pinned and aligned within the panorama.
You will find the tutorial here.
Panorama courtesy Present Photography.

Menu with Categories

See the new menu with categories and 3d arrow components in action.
To find out more, visit this blog post.
Images © Panedia

360 Panoramic Video with Animation

A 360º video demo reel with changing projections. The animations were done in the Animation Editor and then used as the Auto Rotation in the HTML5 Output. The projections can also be changed with the buttons in the skin and the video can be scrubbed using the Seek Bar.
You can see a rendered output on YouTube.
Video © Panedia

WebVR Stereo

This tour shows Stereo panoramas in WebVR.
Panoramas courtesy Thomas Sharpless and Leonstudio VFX.

Gigapixel Image with Projections

A gigapixel image with changing projections created in the Animation Editor and used as auto rotation in the HTML5 Output. Created with Pano2VR 5.1
You can see the animation output on YouTube.
Panorama courtesy Matthias Taugwalder

Flat Gigapixel Image

Example of a flat gigapixel image of the London skyline.