Third-party Providers

Below you will find a list of external vendors that provide services related to Pano2VR and Object2VR. You will find a range of services, from sound effects to stitching.

Please contact the provider directly for inquiries.

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Hello, I’m Lauri, the head of TUUR agency. For over ten years, I’ve been crafting professional-level virtual tours with custom user interfaces. Through experiments, usability tests, and customer feedback during this time, I’ve gained extensive knowledge and valuable know-how about everything that connects with 360° media creation and presentation.

Main services:

  • Custom virtual tour user experience (UX) design (using Figma).
  • Custom virtual tour user interface (UI) design (using Figma).
  • Custom virtual tour skins and components (using Pano2VR).
  • Ready-to-use virtual tour skins can be bought in my Shopify shop.


Also possible:

  • Everything related to 360 imaging (photographing, stitching, retouching, etc.).
  • 360 video production.
  • Ambisonics sound production.
  • If you feel that you need advice on your journey to professional 360, then I’m happy to share my knowledge. I also offer consultation sessions via Zoom or Teams.

I am Harsh Sharma, a passionate photographer & founder of FrameByHarsh Photography studio. I have a tech background having 21 years of experience in software engineering.

Wanting a change in career, he ventured into photography. After working with various clients in the real estate space, I realized the need for VR in the industry. I use my extensive IT experience in creating highly customized virtual tours using Pano2VR

Services we offer:

• Integration with Firebase, SQL & other databases, Mail Chimp, Google Map and other Map services
• Content Management System (CMS) from pano2vr tour
• Virtual Tour with ‘hotspot editor’ which allows the user to add interactive elements to your virtual tour such as text, images, videos and links while the tour is running.
• Customizable Tour with JavaScript
• Login Authentication using phone, email etc.
• Showing real-time inventory in the virtual tour
• Filter-based search to access real-time data to quickly find the required information
• Verified leads & views for the project
• Object2VR integration
• AI based, customized Chatbot
• Zoom like feature in virtual tour with inbuilt audio and video integration
• Contact form, feedback form integration
• Custom skin designs
• Customized and fancy menus and UI
• Showing Photos, videos, music, voice over
• Floor plan and master plan integration for quick navigation
• Aerial panorama integration and showing major landmarks on the aerial pano
• 360 photography with DSLR camera for excellent quality
• Highly customised virtual tours with branding guidelines
• Custom made components development according to the features of your projects.

I’m passionate about 360˚ photography, creating Virtual Tours, and publishing via Pano2VR. I work with clients around the world developing innovative tours in Pano2VR and teaching how to use Pano2VR via my online tutorials and zoom sessions.

My services include;

  • Bespoke Skin Development V7
  • Component Development
  • Custom graphic design for Skin UI
  • One-to-One Training (Zoom)
At Perspektiva 360 we provide specialized services and developments to innovate in 360 media projects:
  • Custom made components according to the features of your projects.
  • Integration with ReactJS, databases and API connections.
  • Login & sign up function for access and security.
  • Data layers to track user interactions.
  • Data science using analytics systems for virtual tours.
  • VR & AR apps based on 360 photography and 360 video.
  1. 360 and 3D capture services & photography
  2. Ambisonic sound production and sound editing.
  3. Custom virtual tour development with advanced UI design and creation within your brand guidelines
  4. Multiple languages integration

• Professional 32 and 16-bit workflow image editing starting from RAW files conversion to layered tiff
• Image Stitching, including images from one-shot cameras up to gigapixel
• Consulting service on setting up the panorama shooting workflow

We provide help & time-saving in 360 media editing projects:
• Pano Enhancement (HDR, Color correction, denoise and etc)
• Stitching
• Patch nadir/zenith
• Dollhouse development
• Custom virtual tour development
• Tour development in Google Maps

We offer the following services.

  • 360 and 3D photography
  • Advance skin design and creation within your brand guidelines
  • Custom graphic designs for skin elements such as buttons, info boxes, hotspots etc.
  • Retouching and 3D staging on the 360 panoramas
  • 360 Panorama stitching of all sorts
  • We can work in English/Chinese/Thai/Turkish languages

Definition Craft can assist at every step of the development of your 360-VR contents, especially at 360 Megapixels shooting and editing, Advanced skin Development and Graphics Design. We also deal with sound production and sound editing.

  • 3D Modelling (Using SketchUp and Layout) for preparing plans, elevations, and isometric views of the space – ideal for tender documentation, construction documentation. I have lots of signage & branding experience so can include your latest graphics & signage as well as fixtures, and even product on the shelves!
  • Graphic Design for things like object labels for artwork exhibitions (Adobe InDesign) and custom artwork setup for buttons and other graphic elements used within Pano2VR (Adobe Illustrator).  

We are pleased to offer assistance in the provision of the following services:

  • unification of panoramas in virtual tour in Pano2VR
  • vertical menu with intuitive navigation through the virtual tour
  • integration into virtual tour photo, video, music
  • slideshow of photos and panoramas
  • button of multiple language version
  • for restaurants/cafes feedback form to order table through a virtual tour and PDF file of menu

  • Vector graphics/components such as logos, user menu, and buttons
  • Music, jingles, custom sound design, and voiceover (ITA/ESP/ENG)
  • Custom skins

*Garden Gnome GmbH is not responsible for the work or quality of the services provided.