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Download a project file to work with (created with Object2VR version 2.0.2.): project files (packed ZIP)

A single-row object VR movie simply consists of one row images. The movie can only rotate around one axis . A multi-row project will let the user view the object from multiple angles or axes. A project can also have multiple view states. View states are generally ways to show the object not only from different angles, but also different perspectives. For example, an object can be shown with different textures.

The Basic Workflow

  1. Import the image sequence using the Light Table.
    ◊ TIP: If you have a more complicated project, then try importing using Select Input, instead.
  2. Adjust the Viewing Parameters and spin control.
  3. Add some metadata that can be used for a information window.
  4. Make the object even more interactive using hotspots.
  5. Add a controller to the object using the Skin Editor.
  6. Output the project in HTML5, Flash and/or QuickTime.
  7. Add the output to your website.


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