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August 10, 2012
As you may know we recently released Pano2VR V4 beta and Pano2VR Pro beta. To demonstrate the Pro version tour builder capabilities we have put together a short video. The video is in real time and shows a five node tour being built with in tour point hotspots and a map with hotspots. The project...
May 15, 2012
We have just produced a new tip covering how to package the Flash output from either Object2VR or Pano2VR using the Flash Player Projector. This also packages the player with the files so they can be played on a computer even if it does not have Flash installed. The Tip can be found here.
May 3, 2012
We have just released a new tip covering how to use GoodReader to view Object2VR or Pano2VR HTML5 outputs offline using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. The tip can be found here.
February 16, 2012
We have just released a new tip looking at how to use the built in error console found in most web browsers. The tip looks at how to access the console and how to use it as well as having links to files with know errors so you can try for yourself and see the...
December 6, 2011
Just published a new tip covering the Integrated Web Server built in to Object2VR and Pano2VR. The tip explains the settings and how to use it so you can display the Flash or HTML5 outputs on devices connected to the same network without having to upload to a server. The tip is under General Tips or...
August 11, 2011
Just added three new tips covering how to setup radar beams in a virtual tour. Each tip has its own video as well as projects you can download. The tips are in the Tips section of Pano2VR and can also be found here: Radar: Point Hotspots. Radar: Area Hotspots. Radar: Beam Movement.
May 26, 2011
After many hours the Cache Manifest tip is out, with two projects to download, additional code for your html page and videos, you will be able to download and display your panoramas off line using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. You can see the tip here. We have also added a new Getting Started...
April 30, 2011
We have just added a Tip and Video covering the Flash Lens Flare Plugin. The Lens Flare has adjustments for Alpha and for the Blinding effect which means you can adjust for light sources at different distances in the panoramas, the closer having a stronger effect. You can see the tip here.
April 6, 2011
We have added a new tip and video to the website covering how to use the masking feature of containers. This feature will let you make some cool effects in the Skin Editor, we are also including wherever possible a link so you may download the video in .mov format for those countries that do...
February 23, 2011
A new tip has been added to the website, this covers basic html tags to format the text in the text fields. This works with User Data as well as other text boxes found in our software. A video is available as well as a downloadable skin file. Click here to see the tip.
February 7, 2011
I have added a new video to the YouTube SupportGnome Channel covering the topic how to add a Move to View Transition to a Map/Floor Plan Hotspot: See it here. There is also a Tip covering the subject in the documents section of our website. The Tip along with all the others linked to YouTube...
January 29, 2011
This carries on from the Floating tooltips and shows you how to modify the text box to work with Area and Point Hotspots. View the Video here.
January 25, 2011
I have just added two videos to our YouTube Channel:Skin Editor Drop Shadow Text Effect and How to Scale Text in the Skin Editor. Written Tips will be added very soon to the Tips pages in the Garden Gnome Website.
January 19, 2011
We have just uploaded a new video looking at using Regular Expressions to address multiple skin elements with a single action. You can see the video here. This is also available in written format on our website.
January 17, 2011
Just added Floating Tooltip video to our YouTube SupportGnome channel: The text version can be found in our websites documentation:
January 13, 2011
Garden Gnome Software now has a YouTube Channel which will contain a series of how to videos. This is not to replace the video tutorials on our website, but aimed at the quick how to’s that are often asked in the forums and e-mails. The videos will be best viewed in full screen and 720p. Please...

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