News from the Gnomes

February 3, 2016
Today, we are releasing a new beta version of Pano2VR 5. We are now really close to the final release, but some changes and delays made a new beta necessary. Here are the highlights: New simplex_v5 skin Alternative map providers in the skin Cardboard (VR) template and skin are included by default And notable bugfixes Flash background sound was not playing. Skin:...
December 9, 2014
In this version of our WordPress and Joomla Plugins we have included support for gyro on handheld devices, a feature requested by some of you in the forum. You can either turn on gyro support for the entire page, or use it individually by including a parameter in the shortcode. Read the documentation on how this...
October 2, 2014
We are well overdue for a Hopki Tip, so here’s one that’s short and sweet! If you are using WordPress as your CMS of choice, you may have noticed that you have an upload limit for your media. This can be a problem if your GGPKG is large. Hopki has discovered a nice work around this issue;...
August 12, 2014
We have just released version 1.2.1 of our WordPress and Joomla plugins. You can download them here. This is just a minor release containing bugfixes.

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