FAQ (Object2VR)


Can I use point hotspots?

Object2VR only supports Area Hotspots.

TIP: You can use view states to switch to a second set of images that has hotspot images painted in using an image editor like Photoshop. Then use the Area Hotspot Editor to make these areas active. Also check out the Object2VR Tip on how to simulate point hotspots.

Can I use Hotspots to link to other objects or panoramas?

Yes! However, you can only link to HTML pages at the moment.


Can I add sound to my object movies?


Currently, you can only embed sound in the Skin Editor for a Flash project.

For HTML5 output, there is a workaround to embed sound by using a text box. For more on this, please see this article on HTML5 and Sound.


I have two view states but only one works. Why?

Make sure you’re calling the correct view state. In the Skin Editor, the first view state is 0 while the second in 1. So for two states, you would switch between state 0 and state 1.

HTML5 Output

Can I use Multiresolution with the HTML5 output?

Currently, only the Flash output uses Multiresolution.