Add Flash SWF Element

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

However, this document is still valid for the current version of Object2VR!

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  1. Click the Add Flash SWF element button, Add SWF., to open a dialog to select a SWF. Alternatively, you can drag a SWF into the skin editor window.
    Once selected, the SWF will be placed within the skin. The size of the SWF cannot be changed with the size settings; it will always display the original size the file. However, the scaling option can be used to reduce and enlarge the SWF.
    SWF added to Skin Editor
  2. Double-click the element to open its Element Editor to make changes to the file, like its visibility (alpha/transparency). Also set Actions and Modifiers as you would any other skin element.
    SWF Settings Tab

TIP: If embedding a SWF file with video or sound, use the Unload SWF on hide option to stop the SWF from playing on close. Otherwise, keep it deselected to avoid unnecessary reloads.

NOTE: If using an Object2VR SWF output, make sure it’s Scaling is set to None.

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