Can I install Pano2VR and Object2VR on the same computer?

Yes! All programs work completely independent from each other! You can even install different versions of the same program. Just make sure the programs are in different directories during installation, and later you can change the name of the programs to reflect their version, i.e., Pano2VR 6.0, Pano2VR 7beta, and Object2VR 3.0.

Can I purchase the license in a different name or the name of my company?

Generally, the license will be in the name of the person that has purchased the license key. When checking out, you will see a Comment box. Here, you can provide an alternative name; or if you are purchasing more than one user, a company name (but not an e-mail address). Alternatively, you can send us […]

Can I get a refund?

Generally we do not give refunds. We do, however, offer a fully functional trial version of all of our software (albeit watermarks on output). We recommend first trying our software to see if it fits your needs before purchasing a license.

Can I use my VAT ID?

Yes! When checking out, enter your VAT ID in the field provided. You can check the validity of your VAT ID on this site. What is a VAT ID?

Help! My license key no longer works!

This could be the result of one of the following: Using a license key intended for a different version, e.g. Pano2VR V3.0 key with Pano2VR V4.0 Using a license key for a different Garden Gnome Software product, e.g. Pano2VR key to try and activate Object2VR. A space is added when copy and pasting; look at […]

How can I sign up for your forum?

The forum is a public board where you may post your question, work or try to help others. It’s a great community, don’t be shy! To join the forum: Send us an email to request an account. Include your preferred username and email address. After receiving the forum account information, log in. Participate.

How do I get support?

Sometimes writing an email is the best outlet for support. Send your questions, issues, etc., to We make every effort to send a reply within a day or two of receiving the email. When reporting an issue, give us as much information about your problem as you can. It will let us help you […]

How do I purchase your software?

Our products are available to purchase online. When you purchase our software, you are buying a license which will remove the watermarks from the trial version. Boxed versions of our software are not available. To order a single-user license Go to the product page: Pano2VR Object2VR Scroll down or click, Buy it, to bring you […]

How many people can use the software?

A single license is valid for one user. More users can be added during or after the initial purchase. Please see, How can I add users to my license? or How do I purchase your software?. Each user can activate up to 2 installations (i.e., one for a desktop and one for a laptop computer).

Why can’t I log in to the website or forum account?

Most likely, you are trying to use the same log in with the same user name and password for either account. Both the website and forum accounts require different log in credentials. To log on to the forum, you will need to send an email request for an account to be created. If you’ve purchased […]

Will my license expire?

The license will not expire and includes free updates for the version/release purchased. Major releases of the software will require a paid upgrade.

How do I report software issues/bugs?

If you are experiencing problems with our software and want to report the issue, we suggest first searching the forum and ask other forum members if they are experiencing the same issue. This will give you an indication of whether it is a problem with your system and/or setup or if others are also experiencing […]