Why is your hosting service so expensive?

We are charging 1:1 of what we pay to Amazon. We try to offer a professional solution that works on a global scale and not for a small audience located near a single web server. Our plan is not to compete on price with cheaper hosting solutions but to offer a turn-key solution for users […]

Where is Gnome Cloud hosted?

Gnome Cloud is using Amazon S3 with multiple availability zones to host your projects and delivering them with AWS Cloudfront with over 400 edge locations and 13 second-level caches around the globe.

Do you offer white-label hosting?

Yes! White-Label hosting means that our hosting is not branded. The URL used for your project does not indicate our brand, and there are no restrictions on how the project URL is used.

Can I have multiple accounts and users?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts, and each account can have multiple users. To add an account, register here. To add additional users: From the Gnome Cloud Browser in Pano2VR, open the Gnome Cloud Dashboard or log in directly. Select the account that should have additional users. Go to Permissions. Under Add User, enter the […]

What happens if I reach the traffic limit?

As you approach your traffic limit, you will receive an email alert at 50% of your traffic limit and another at 80%. These alerts should give you time to change your subscription before hitting the limit. If you do go above your traffic limit, the project will be blocked, and visitors will see the error: […]

Does the Desktop Package Viewer connect to a network?

The Garden Gnome Package Viewer for desktops is built using Electron. The app uses Chromium to open and display packages created by Pano2VR or Object2VR in a browser similar to Chrome. The Desktop Package Viewer checks for new app versions on Garden Gnome’s server from time to time but does not send any data. However, […]

Why is there a vertical line in my panorama?

Visible vertical lines are usually caused by resizing the image in an image editor. Therefore, the line was created before the image was brought into Pano2VR. If you need to resize your panorama, we suggest using Pano2VR’s Transformation output as it uses pixel perfect remapping.

What is Unbranded?

An unbranded license allows the user to hide the About Pano2VR… or the About Object2VR… menu option found within the right-click context menu of the HTML5 or Flash outputs.