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Pano2VR 6.1.11 Released

Pano2VR 6.1.11 has been released. This release fixes a number of issues and it includes a few small improvements.

What’s Been Improved

You can now add values less than 1 pixel for the Min FoV setting in Viewing Parameters. This allows for sharper images when zooming in.

There is now a copy button next to Background Sound. If you have a tour using Direct Node Access and background sound, be sure to copy the sound to all nodes so that when a node is directly accessed, the background sound will play.

If you ever need to contact our support team, we encourage you to create a Support Package to send to us. This will create a package file of your project that our team can examine and help you find and solve your issue. In this update, we added the ability to include input videos to the package.

What’s Been Fixed

  • Manually adjusted order of clips in an Animation sequence is saved
  • Activate and Deactivate actions on YouTube videos in tour projects have been fixed
  • If using the Simple Floor Plan, it will now use a higher resolution version of the floor plan on HiDPI/Retina displays
  • The Floor Plan will open centered when using Zoom levels
  • Flat images will now properly zoom in Pano2VR’s Viewer

To Update

In Pano2VR, go to Help > Check for Updates. Or download the update directly and install manually.

Did you know…

…about the solution for uploading tours to WordPress with large file sizes? No? Well, let us share. You can use the Tuxedo Big File Uploads plugin. This will give you a 2TB upload limit. That should be enough, right? 

If you would prefer not to use a plugin, you can upload your project to a web server and use a shortcode. Or you can upload a smaller version of the package file and then add the rest of the files to the extracted folders in the upload directory.