Pano2VR 5.0 Released

We are very happy to release Pano2VR 5 which is a major update with a lot of new features. The most significant change being how fast you can get things done.

Pano2VR 5

Pano2VR’s new interface is flexible and customizable. It also features an interactive, central viewer that provides precise placement of hotspots, lens flares, patches, images, videos and sounds.

Pano2VR 5 Pro

We’ve added an Animation Editor that will create self-playing panoramas for auto-rotation. Or you can use the Animation Output to create a movie file that you can share on your favorite video service.

Pano2VR 5 Animation Demo

In Pano2VR 5 Pro, you can now automatically link your geotagged tour images so that most of your work is already done for you. If the tour is large, use Tags to help organize the project. Not only that, the geotagged images can also be filtered by distance in the Tour Browser.

Patches Mode will now automatically open your image editor and auto-update itself once the extracted patch is saved. This makes retouching the nadir a breeze!

Did you just get a Ricoh Theta, or one of the many new 360º handheld cameras? If so, you’ll find Leveling very helpful to straighten those crooked horizons.

The Skin Editor got a plethora of new tools that make skin building even easier. For instance, you can use the Components Toolbox for saving and reusing parts of your skin. Even easier would be to use the built-in components we provide, like thumbnail sliders and information pop-up boxes.

This is just a small sampling of all the new features. You can read more about Pano2VR 5 here. You can also find the documentation online or if you’re not online, go to the Help menu and choose, Help.

We’ve also been busy creating tutorials to help you learn about Pano2VR 5. We recommend bookmarking this Pano2VR 5 playlist. Also, our forums are very active and provide an abundance of tips, tricks and general information. So stop on by and say Hi!

Download Pano2VR 5.