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Pano2VR Examples


Layer Marney Tower

Pano2VR 5 tour example that showcases a thumbnail navigation, information pop-ups, hotspots with thumbnail previews and visited node graphic.


Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour with map. Automatic switching for Flash and HTML5/WebGL (iPhone/iPad).

Simple Panorama

A single panorama with a controller and automatic switching for Flash, HTML5 and WebGL panorama player for iPhone iPad and other devices without Flash support.


A five node tour of a hike and climb up to the top of Ötscher via the Rauer Kamm.
Made with Pano2VR pro

Pinned and Aligned Video

This panorama shows moving video pinned and aligned within the panorama. Photo credit goes to Jim Watters. You can see the original panorama by Jim, here. It’s part of a tour, so go and explore!



HTML5 Multiresolution created with Pano2VR 4.5.
1.6 Gigapixel Panorama courtesy Matthias Taugwalder


Sound added to an HTML5 output.