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Point Hotspot Properties

This page describes all the settings of the point hotspot found in the Properties panel.

Point Hotspot Properties

The hotspot properties are found in the Properties Panel and will appear once a hotspot is added or selected.

ID – The ID of the Hotspot which can be used in the Skin Editor.

Type – Choose what the hotspot will do. What you choose here will affect the Link Target URL below.

  • URL - Enter the website URL or file name of a node (i.e. park_one.swf).

  • Tour Node - Pro - Choose a node from the menu to link to other nodes in a tour.

  • Image - Clicking on the Image hotspot will result in opening the image. Click the folder button for Link Target URL to navigate to an image. To pop-up an image, see: Adding an Image Pop-Up

  • Video - Lets you show a video when the hotspot is clicked. When you select ‘Video’, a drop down menu ‘Source’ will appear to the right, letting you choose the type of video. See: Adding a Video Pop-up.

  • Info - Use this to popup an Information window displaying the text you enter under ‘Description’. You can use one of the info pop-up components that are built in to the Skin Editor. See: Adding an Information Pop-up Box.

Skin-ID – Use this ID to connect this hotspot to a hotspot template. For example, if there is a hotspot template called, wiki, and you would like a point hotspot to take that template’s characteristics, you would enter, wiki, in this field.

Title – Add the title of the hotspot here. This title will be visible (e.g. tooltip) when the mouse pointer hovers over the hotspot.

Description – Enter a description of the hotspot here or text for an information pop-up box. If you plan to use an information hotspot template, the description would appear in the info pop-up box.

Link Target URL – The options here will depend on what is chosen for Type. If you’ve chosen,

  • URL - Enter the web or path URL to the node.

  • Tour Node - Pro - Choose a node from the menu. Click the green arrow to open the linked node.

  • Image - Click the folder button to navigate to the image.

  • Video - Depending on the video source you have chosen above, you can specify the file, web url or Youtube/Vimeo URL here.

  • Info - Link this hotspot with an element in the skin editor or simply add your tooltip text to the Title field above. You can use basic HTML tags.

Target – Add a target to specify where to open the website (or panorama).

★ Note: If using the Pro version and Tour Node is selected as the Type, click the bullseye button to orient the opening view of the next panorama (Target Viewing Parameters).

★ Tip: You can also enter the Pan, Tilt, and Field of View information in this field. This will override the default view settings in viewing parameters of the target node when entering through this hotspot. Enter the parameters separated by forward slashes (/), e.g. 324.0/-3.5/70.0.

  • Target Viewing Parameters - This window will appear after you click the bullseye button. Simply rotate the panorama to the desired opening view and click OK when you’re done.

Target Viewing Parameters

Pan – Adjust the placement of the hotspot along the horizontal axis.

Tilt – Adjust the placement of the hotspot along the vertical axis.

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