Clauss Rodeon

The following settings are found in the Capture Input Settings under the Turntable tab.

Table Setup

Serial Port: Choose the serial port of the turntable.

  • Connect: Click when the Serial Port as been located.
  • Auto Detect: Use this to automatically find the serial port.

Speed: Adjust the speed of the turntable.

Acceleration: Adjust the speed of the table’s acceleration.

Table Control

Use this section to set up the table’s position.

Position: This will display the table’s current position. But can always be reset using the Reset button.

Reset: Click to reset the table’s position to 0.0.

Move to 0: Click to move the table to 0.

<<: Moves the table at double-speed in one direction.

<: Moves the table as a slower speed in one direction.

Stop: Stops the table.

Stop Here: Stops the table at the exact position of when this button was hit. The table may need to reverse direction in order to return to the chosen position.

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