Can I purchase the license in a different name or the name of my company?

Generally, the license will be in the name of the person that has purchased the license key. When checking out, you will see a Comment box. Here, you can provide an alternative name; or if you are purchasing more than one user, a company name (but not an e-mail address). Alternatively, you can send us […]

How many people can use the software?

One user license is required for each person using the software. More licensed users can be added during or after the initial purchase, please see, How can I add users to my license? Each user can activate up to 2 installations (i.e. one for a desktop and one for a laptop computer).

Will my license expire?

The license will not expire and includes free updates for the version/release purchased. Major releases of the software will require a paid upgrade.

Can I sell my output files (.xml, .js, .html) to my clients?

Yes, the license includes free distribution of all output files. You can also modify all files, except the player (pano2vr_player.js and object2vr_player.js) Please note: You are not allowed to create your own products based on just the player. Please contact us if you plan to create such a product.

How do I use a license key for all users in a computer lab?

If you have an EDU license for a computer lab, you may want to store the license key for each computer rather than for each user account. Pano2VR and Object2VR will also check the local machine registery path for keys, so you can store the license key at this path instead of the current users […]

How can I upgrade and/or add users to my license?

You only need to upgrade your license if: Upgrading from Pano2VR light to Pano2VR pro or from Object2VR single user to ObjectVR studio or Object2VR pro Upgrading to a major release (i.e., from 5.0 to 6.0) Adding additional users If you purchased your license from a reseller, please contact the reseller to upgrade your license. […]