Pano2VR 5.2 beta 2 released

Today, we’d like to share with you a new beta version of Pano2VR 5.2. We’ve added a few new tools that we hope everyone will find useful.

Blur Patches and Blur Cover

You can now use Patches to blur faces and license plates.

Blurring Patch

We’ve also added a Blur Cover which is a nadir cap that stretches the outer pixels of the patch towards the center which is then blurred.

Blur Cover

Extract Patches in Master Node

You can now extract a patch in the Master Node which will extract the same area in all tour nodes. You can then batch process these in Photoshop (or your favorite editor).

Martin has produced a tutorial for you, showing you how to apply them:

New in Pano2VR 5.2 – Blur and Patches

Auto Place Hotspots and Titles

The auto place hotspots feature now uses placeholders for the image’s title. This way, if the image’s title changes, all linked hotspots to that image will have the title changed accordingly (rather than having to manually change each hotspots title).

Zoom and Keyboard Shortcuts in the Skin Editor

In the Skin Editor , we’ve added a keyboard shortcut for quickly generating an output:

  • Mac: Option-Command-G
  • Windows: Alt-Control-G

You can also find this option in the Tools menu.

We’ve added two new zoom options, too:

  • Zoom to Fit
  • Zoom 100%

Filter Markers in Tour Map

You could always filter the images in the Tour Browser, but now, you can see the filtering reflected in the tour map, too.

You’ll need to enable this in the settings:

Filter Markers

Google Street View Limit Upload Size

We’ve added a setting where you can limit the image size when uploading to Google Street View. This means you don’t have to resize your images before bringing them in to Pano2VR. The current suggested upload size is 12000×6000.

Google Street View Upload size

Google Street View Forum

In case you haven’t found it yet, we’ve created a new forum just for the Google Street View panel.

Fixed Issues

  • Direct Node Access with custom names works in more cases
  • Adding a horizontal or vertical strip to the Transformation output no longer causes a crash
  • The warning in the Tour Browser that expressed broken auto place hotspots will no longer bother you