Tutorials Galore

Today we’ve published a few tutorials and we hope you’ll find them useful.

Arranging Windows

Pano2VR’s interface is easy to customize for your needs. You can rearrange panels and then save the layouts for later use. Here, you see exactly how this is done:

Customizing the Interface – Pano2VR

Introduction to the Skin Editor

We also have a few new Skin Editor tutorials.

First, check out the introduction to get a quick understanding of how to use the Skin Editor:

Introduction to the Skin Editor – Pano2VR

Then, learn how you can share and save skin elements:

Share and Save Skin Elements using the Components Toolbox – Pano2VR

And finally, learn how to quickly change the color of a skin:

Quickly Change Colors with the Color Tool – Pano2VR

More tutorials are on their way, so keep an eye out for them!