News from the Gnomes

Pano2VR 6.1.10 Released
October 13, 2020
Pano2VR 6.1.10 is out! In this release, we added a new thumbnail component, improved a few existing features and fixed a few issues.
Pano2VR 6.1.9 and Text to Speech
August 4, 2020
Pano2VR 6.1.9 is now available with a new component for accessibility and some bug fixes.
Webinars Return!
July 27, 2020
We’re back from a short break and happy to tell you that both Hopki and Thomas Bredenfeld will be presenting webinars this week. Hopki with continue with where he left off in the last skin webinar and Thomas will be showing you how to work with CSS and Javascript to extend Pano2VR’s functionality even further.
Pano2VR in the Wild — Surviving Extinction by Geoffrey Bruce
June 19, 2020
Surviving Extinction is an educational, interactive 360° choose-your-own-adventure style experience built entirely in Pano2VR by Geoffrey Bruce.
Pano2VR 101 and an Analytics Component
May 29, 2020
Join our next webinar series on getting started with Pano2VR and check out our latest component for implementing Google Analytics.
Pano2VR 6.1.6 and the 2020 Pano Awards
May 13, 2020
Pano2VR 6.1.6 is available. It's a minor update that fixes a few bugs adds a new feature, and adds support for WebXR. Also, be sure to submit your images to the Epson International Pano Awards.

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