Using Variables in the Skin Editor – Pano2VR 5

Pano2VR 5 got lots of new powerful features and I bet there’s one you may have seen and been wondering about: variables. You’ll find them in the Skin Editor and they have plenty of uses. In fact, too many to write in one post or even a single tutorial.

But you’re in luck, because Martin created three thorough tutorials for you; one for each type of variable:

Using the true/false variable:

Skin Editor Variables: True/False – Pano2VR

Using the text variable:

Skin Editor Variables: Text – Pano2VR

Using the number variable:

Skin Editor Variables: Numbers – Pano2VR

So go ahead and learn and then don’t forget to play and show us what you’ve done with these things. It’s likely you’ll find a use for them that we haven’t!

PS: The videos have been added to a playlist for your viewing enjoyment.