Introducing Pano2VR 5

It’s been incubating for a while now, but finally, it is here … Pano2VR 5 (beta)!

Pano2VR pro Interface

We are more excited than usual with this release because it is the biggest update we’ve done since moving from Pano2QTVR. We hope that you’ll find this news also exciting.

This is just the shortlist of what’s new:

  • New interface with a customizable layout
  • Animation
  • Leveling (perfect for Theta panoramas)
  • Automatic linking (when geotagged) of tour images
  • New powerful Skin Editor tools (too many to mention here)
  • Support for video tours
  • Powerful tools for easy organization
  • New rendering engine
  • Plus audio and video transitions, lens flares, history, little planet remapping, etc.

There’s a lot to check out and learn so, we’ve put together a feature overview for you:

Pano2VR 5 – New Features

You will find a few more videos to help introduce you to the new workflow in this playlist.

There’s also all new documentation (also in Beta) to help you out.

The Beta is available for download here. If you have a previous version of Pano2VR, log in to your account and check your upgrade options.