Tutorial: Pinning and Aligning Video in a Panorama

How many of you use a camera with a video recording function for taking your panoramas? I’m willing to bet, most of you. Now, how many of you have tried taking a panorama and recording a portion of the panorama as video? I’m going to guess a few. I’m hoping that after seeing this tutorial, we’ll see more of you experimenting with this.

We’ve put together a tutorial that shows you how to pin and align video in a panorama using the tools you already have: a stitcher, an image editor and Pano2VR.

Pin and Align Video – Pano2VR 4.5.1

There is one thing to remember when mixing video and photography and that is they are two different bears. You will find the colors and quality will differ and this is generally because of how the two are recorded and sampled. However, since you are all whizzes at Photoshop, you’ll find a way to make it all look beautiful and seamless.

See it in action here.