New Stuff

This week we released a new tip and updated a tutorial.

If you have Pano2VR Pro, you can use online maps to indicate location. Our latest tip will explain how to add a Google Map (plus alternative map services, like OpenStreetMap) to the HTML template: Adding Google Maps to the HTML5 output

Our hotspot tutorials were in dire need of some updating. Not only has the content been updated, but it has also been condensed. Before, we had multiple videos/parts to explain how to do multiple things. Now we have one video with multiple chapters. It’s one 8-minute video. It goes by quick, trust me. Adding Hotspots in Pano2VR

Finally, we’ve updated the iBooks Author widget. It now allows apostrophes in the input image file name. This tiny character was breaking our widget. Grab the new version: iBooks Author Widget