If you want to help to translate Pano2VR and Object2VR, please send us an email at and we will set you up with an account.

The Common file contains text fields that are used in Pano2VR and Object2VR (for example the Skin editor)

Some strings contain a “%1” or “%L1” as place holder for file names, numbers or other things that are inserted dynamically. You need include those placeholders at the proper place.

Qt Linguist

If like to see the translation within the software you can use Qt Linguist. You can download it for Windows, and MacOS. The latest version can also be downloaded from Most Linux distribution have a Qt Linguist package ready for installation.

For the latest version of the language files please go to the translation server page and download the .ts files. You only need to download your language.

You need to put the files into the Garden Gnome Software application data directory. (This is the same directory where you can find your skins and HTML templates)

Windows XP: 
C:Documents and Settings<your user>Application DataGardenGnomeSoftwaretranslations
Windows Vista/7: 
C:Users<your user>AppDataRoamingGardenGnomeSoftwaretranslations
Mac OS X:
/Users/<your user>/Library/Application Support/GardenGnomeSoftware/translations
/home/<your user>/GardenGnomeSoftware/translations

Please create the “translations” directory if it doesn’t exist.

Start Linguist to open the language file you like to edit, and translate the different text bits.

When you select “File – Release” from the Linguist menu the translation gets compiled. After that you should see your translation within Pano2VR/Object2VR (if you have selected your language in the “Settings” menu).

The complete Linguist manual can be found at
After you are done you can upload the files to the translation server.